To discover

Sarlat – Capital of Périgord Noir

At the heart of the Dordogne Valley and the Vézère Valley, Sarlat is a must in the region. Its heritage is recognized throughout the world, in fact, the authenticity of its buildings, its paved streets and the charm of its medieval town center are the scene of numerous filmings every year. During your stay in our hotel, we advise you to take a trip in the Sarlat panoramic elevator and on the covered market of the ancient Sainte-Marie Church

The Dordogne Valley

The Dordogne Valley will charm you with its cultural, historical and natural heritage of a rare beauty and diversity. To find out more about the activities to do in the Dordogne Valley, we will meet you at reception, our team knows the region perfectly and will be able to advise you on the best addresses. 

We advise you to take a short detour to the village of Roque-Gageac, classified among the Most Beautiful Villages in France, where you will enjoy taking a stroll on a traditional gauge. Don't forget to pass by Domme, which will impress you with its fortress from where you will get a superb view of the Valley.

The Château des Milandes

A few kilometers from our family hotel in Sarlat, discover the marvelous Château des Milandes, known to have belonged to the fabulous and famous Joséphine Baker strong>. Visit this exceptional estate and discover all its wonders: the story of Joséphine Baker, the different rooms of the castle carefully decorated, the show birds of prey and the enchanting gardens

The Lascaux Cave

It was in 1940, by happy coincidence, that the Lascaux Caves were discovered. Now closed to the public for their preservation, the original caves are reproduced identically so that you can discover the history of our ancestors and the parietal art. Lascaux II, Lascaux III and Lascaux IV are exact replicas of these fabulous caves. It’s a leap in time that is offered to you!

The Gardens of Eyrignac

In less than 20 minutes by car, from our family hotel in Sarlat, you will be in the Jardins d'Eyrignac, the plant jewel of the Périgord Noir. Organize a break of calm and nature by visiting the Jardins d’Eyrignac. During your bucolic stroll, you will observe yews, boxwoods, hornbeams, cypresses, plant sculptures, green rooms and many others.

Les Eyzies

Visit the World Capital of Prehistory, Les Eyzies. This village is full of caves and prehistoric sites which will delight enthusiasts and the curious. We particularly advise you to discover: the National Museum of Prehistory, the Font-de-Gaume Cave, the Cro-Magnon Shelter, the Abri Pataud and the Abri du Poisson. You will be amazed during your visit to the village of Les Eyzies.

Puymartin Castle

Recognizable by its two emblematic towers, the Château de Puymartin is only a few kilometers from our 2-star hotel with parking in Sarlat. It was built from the 13th century to be completed in the 17th century. The Château de Puymartin is still inhabited by a family and its ghost. Indeed, the legend of the White Lady resonates within its walls. Visiting 12 spaces is possible.

The Château de Commarque

To discover the Dordogne Valley and its famous castles, the closest castle to our establishment is the Château de Commarque. It would be the most complex medieval complex in Périgord, it was built between the 12th and 14th centuries. Visit the site to understand the complex history of this castle. You can also participate in workshops: archery, flag shooting and stone carving.


Rocamadour is a medieval city full of history, legends and monuments to discover. Stroll through the city center to discover all its wonders. We particularly advise you to visit the Medieval City, perched at the top of the village. Many religious buildings populate Rocamadour, discover: the Chapelle Notre-Dame de Rocamadour and the Basilica Saint-Sauveur de Rocamadour

The Padirac Chasm

Discover this geological curiosity during an exceptional visit with family or friends. You will discover the marvelous entrance shaft measuring 75 meters deep. You can navigate underground, taking the Rivière Plane, which runs there, a 1 kilometer walk could be on the program. It’s a unique experience that awaits you at the Gouffre de Padirac